Legal Services in Italy

OurĀ Italian law firm has dedicated, English-speaking attorneys with decades of experience in a variety of specialized areas of Italian law. With an emphasis on serving international clients, they provide individuals and businesses throughout the world with comprehensive legal support in Italy.

Our Italian firm provides the following services:

Inheritance and Succession

Our attorneys are highly specialized in Italian inheritance, probate, and succession laws. Each year they resolve many inheritance cases in Italy for our international clients. They also help clients find and claim assets in Italy (properties, bank accounts, etc.).

Property Law

Our firm handles all the legal aspects of property settlements and real estate transactions in Italy from the first offer to final deed of purchase. Throughout the process, our attorneys help international clients navigate the complex legal maze of Italian real estate law to protect their interests.

Personal Injury

Our personal injury attorneys have helped many clients injured in motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents in Italy to obtain the assistance and compensation they deserve. Our firm also assists clients involved in tourism-related and work-related accidents in Italy. In addition, our attorneys have expertise in medical negligence and malpractice cases (hospitals, doctors, etc.). Our attorneys have successfully negotiated very large settlements with Italian insurance companies on behalf of our clients.

Business Law

Our attorneys have extensive litigation experience in all phases of civil, commercial, business and banking law in Italy. The firm has expertise in international business law, trade agreements, and patent registrations. They also specialize in drafting international contracts and helping clients to form joint ventures with Italian companies. In addition, our attorneys have assisted many companies outside of Italy to successfully recover debt from Italian entities.

Family Law

Our family law attorneys help international clients who are pursuing marital separation or divorce in Italy to navigate the complexities of cross-border marital and family law. The firm also helps clients obtain shared or sole custody of their children and to defend their custodial parental rights. In addition, our attorneys assist in the legal aspects of surrogacy and adoption for international clients.

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