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If you need to claim your inheritance in Italy, or are in a dispute over a family estate, we are here to help! Our English-speaking Italian inheritance lawyers can assist you right away with free initial consultation. Our Italian inheritance attorneys have decades of expertise in:

  • Italian inheritance, probate, and succession laws
  • Resolution of inheritance cases in Italy for international clients
  • Helping clients find and claim assets in Italy (properties, bank accounts, etc.)
Frank C.
Los Angeles, CA

“You were very courteous and professional at every turn, following up and responding to my email.  Your being in Italy is advantageous and it’s nice to know that there is such a person to help Italian-Americans resolve their issues. I now have established a friendship for any future help that I will need.”

Tanya K.
Bedfordshire, UK

“I would like to highly recommend Italy Legal Services and the Italian law firm they referred me to. They keep you up to date every step of the way. I feel so lucky that I found someone that cared enough to help us when we didn’t know where else to turn. We will never forget the kindness you have shown our family.”

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